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Minor Oral Surgery

Pricing Starts From
Minor Oral Surgery RM 500 - RM 1200

Minor oral surgery refers to a range of dental procedures that involve surgical intervention in the mouth, typically performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. These minor surgical procedures aim to address various oral health issues, such as the extraction of impacted or damaged teeth, removal of small oral growths like cysts or benign tumors, and the treatment of certain gum problems. Additionally, minor oral surgery can include dental implant placement and bone grafting to support implant procedures. Despite being termed "minor," these surgeries require the expertise of skilled dental professionals to ensure patient comfort and safety. With advances in dental technology and techniques, minor oral surgery is now more precise, less invasive, and boasts quicker recovery times. For individuals experiencing dental concerns beyond routine treatments, minor oral surgery offers an effective and necessary solution to restore oral health and maintain a functional and attractive smile. Patients can rely on their dental care providers to guide them through the process and provide personalized care for a smooth and successful surgical experience.

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